Monday, July 19, 2010


So Downie has hit the nail on the head again, and lest I were to take over her blog with a mere comment I'm writing part 2 on mine.   Don't misunderstand me, I'm grateful for the ideas and how it takes less space to store it.  It's just that I haven't joined this century.  I can't afford it.  But then again, I can't afford not to.  We have an extensive collection, but the new format is always more expensive, the converters, the speed at which it becomes obsolete...

Nearly a year ago I purchased a digital record converter.  SO EXCITED!  Now, not so much.  After installing the software and getting all set up I've found not too terribly outdated computer didn't have an internal speaker... doesn't that come standard, no.  I don't know where to begin looking for one, and don't want to buy one just to find out there's something else I'd need to get it going.  GOOD GRIEF!

And I'm so totally in concurrence about the life expectancy of CDs and DVDs.  How many have been pitched because the kids still live here.  Does anyone out there have blueray?  Do they really NOT get destroyed?  I know they play DVDs but CDs too?

So here I live in my techno-blur of Records (yes 33 1/3, 45...) VHS tapes, 35 mm film camera, slides...  I have a desktop computer... Can you say 8-Track tape (no, I don't have any of those)?  Talk about something that never wears out.  Heck, last I knew my mother still has her old reel-to-reel.

I hate change I can't keep up.  But, I suppose this isn't the only thing in life in which I'm outdated.  (I'm sure I've all too clearly given away my age.)  Besides, if these companies really want it to not be pirated why not get credit for old devises and recordings. Please, tell me I'm not the only one that has herself strung out over the decades.

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  1. Haha! I love it and I'm so glad someone is on the same page as me!! :) Thanks for the part 2. I really enjoyed it.