Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gender Specific Communication

Here's my rather abstract understanding of men and women...

Men think vertically...
And if you've got a picture, all the better

Women think horizontally...
Allatonce,itallintermingles,andweunderstandeachother.  Lets get a move on I've got other things to do.

My children, both male.  Are cursed with the prior condition, but spend the majority of their time with a mother, thus the latter disorder.  No communication is better, although a room of men are so thick (my favorite British slang) that they think they're being subtle by asking their brother in front of the girlfriend ideas on how to propose.  Women on the other hand, never finish a thought... we do the you get the idea 1/2 way through the sentence and call it...  Interrupting my own thoughts is a frequent occurrence.

My husband bears the brunt of my calling it good, however.  He has become a human tape recorder so that when I lose my train of thought he can play it back and get me back on track.  However, I too, deal with the sum total of his redundancy in order that he may fully be understood and express himself...saying the same thing over in different words just to say what he already... you get the idea.

So to Elizabeth and Emily, I thank you for your thoughts, you inspiration and getting me back blogging.

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  1. Ha! I enjoyed this post. I liked reading your insights on the matter. Thanks!