Thursday, September 16, 2010


From Andy's time in Kindergarten, to makin' bacon in Pass the Pigs aka Pig Mania (Thanks Mike for introducing me to one of the world's greatest games.) to my eldest son, Scotty, to my youngest nearly two year old.  Piggies seem to be central to our humor.  

Andy was taking an oral test in Kindergarten and failed.  Perhaps not funny to the then Kindergartner, but the fact that the teacher flunked him on account of calling his toes piggies, don't these Elementary Education teachers need to have taken Nursery Rhymes 101?


Jim sat at dinner the other night hugging his piggies.  He regularly holds them up so we can play piggies.  To Boot he's got the snort in the bag!  And watching Word World, Jim was cracking up at non

In our currently tight budget I served french toast, "Mom, can we have the red skinny stuff for breakfast with Pancakes tomorrow?"  Well we couldn't afford it, but thanks to birthday money from Mom McLatchy we enjoyed a feast of Bacon & Pancakes, BLTs and Chef salad with you got it, a bit of pig.  It's a good thing I don't believe in eating the Kosher meal plan!
A bit of Pig  Meal-ia

The best was a few months ago when Scotty invented his first joke.  Pigs on ATVs.  "There were three piggies.  One came to the guy who sells ATVs and said, 'I want a small ATV.'  The next little pig says, 'I want a middle-sized ATV.'  And the next pig says, 'I want a BIG ATV.'  The ATV guy says, 'Why do you need a BIG ATV.'  And the little pig says, 'Someone has to say weeeee, weeee, WEEEEEE all the way home.'"

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  1. Haha! I LOVE bacon! And ham, actually. I have heard bacon called "the candy of meats" which I think is totally accurate!