Monday, January 17, 2011


What makes man different from God, that the first is so easily frustrated?  Is is a lack of patience, unrealistic expectation, lack of faithfulness or devotion?   Is it our capacity, our circumstance,  or our character that is lacking.  Or is it simply our perspective?

All we do crumbles, fades, is destroyed.  Is it in terms of the mere physical?

We dream so big, try to do too much too fast, we don't prioritize well enough.  Is it that we can't conceive or develop a realistic goal?

We give up too soon, don't finish the race, don't believe in ourselves.  Is it that fail to stay the course?

Whatever it is that we yet lack that causes any conceivable frustration, know this, You are his greatest work.  And the works of God cannot and will not be frustrated.  He never changes, He never stops, He knows the beginning from the end,  His faithfulness to you is not dependent upon what weakness you have overcome.  He is your advocate, your friend, your Father in heaven, He has overcome and is just waiting for you to accept that despite who you are He knows you and His love is without end for you. 

So how do we overcome frustration?  We do it His way, we become humble enough to accept His help and we become a little more like Him so we can see things from His perspective.  And if it doesn't work today, do the same tomorrow.

I'm sure I'll come back to this one sometime.  It something I've pondered over for years.  But I best not delay posting it, simply beacause it's imperfect/ incomplete.

Snow day horror

Several years ago, while living in Central Texas, we had an afternoon ice storm.  I was at work with no water pitcher to use and who in that area owns an ice scraper?  Thinking ahead I went to the car to turn on the defrost and get 'er warming (if you live in Texas you'll eventually use the phrase, it's beyond your control.)  So car on? check.  Defrost on high? check.  Okay I'll go wait inside until it's ready.  Lock the door...lock the door?  Shoot the keys are in it!  (Not unheard of for me.)  So I'll call my husband... wait he's in exams... AAAAGGGHH!
 I'll just get a hanger and open it.  Unfortunately the retail store I worked for must have had fears of metal hangers from watching Mommie Dearest.  Only plastic hangers, okay so there was one flimsy metal hanger from shipping.  Try, try no avail.  A man drives up and asks if he can help; he seems a little out of sorts.  However, I reticently explain my predicament naively to the stranger and he appears with an ideal piece of wire!  He bends it and uses it and Voila!

 I thank him profusely and then he hands me the wire (apparently it was a good idea to talk to a stoned stranger.)  Where did he find this ideal wire?  ... it was the CB antenna from our car.  Thank you.  Thank you very much. (Yellow is in lieu of sarcastic font.)  But I have to say it's made a funny story that I love to relay.