Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Burnt Offerings

So today I wielded my mad cooking skills (ha!) in front of a couple of 8 year olds... the result burnt cookies.  It's pathetic.  We're supposed to be teaching them, but I think it in the sense of what not to do.  But if the example isn't right can they really be learning anything...?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Places I miss

Do you have a place you go to relax, to process, to escape?  Can you get to it readily or only in your mind?  Well y'all, I live in Texas now, and t'ain't no place to go that's perrty.  So here are a list of places I send myself mentally.  Perhaps I'll even insert a collection of links just to wet your whistle.


So here I am patting myself on my back for having made a FEW good choices in the last few days... Baked chips, ONE Chocolate, Subway, Salad w/ no dressing and my dear friend, who shall remain nameless has the gall to post a pic on FB of her newly baked cheesecake.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joke of the Year

After 2 older brothers, way too much Cosby, 1 1/2 years on a mission, 10 years of marriage, nearly 2 Masters later (neither of them mine), and 2 miraculous children I learned one thing. It's simply this, humor saves lives.

My brothers teased me endlessly about my joke of the year. From then on the battle of the funniest sibling ensued. Being the youngest it fell to me as such, "She who laughs last laughs loudest." I'm sure they still suffer from memories like teaching me Karate (1st you must learn how to fall) as Dad walked around the corner. To being best friends with X-girlfriends. But it was their fault they began the process of learning the importance of laughter.

A friend kept my veins from collapsing, my mother-in-law helped me deal with having family within a 2 minute drive. An incomparable mission companion and two more boys of my own all added to the tutelage.

I have an insatiable desire to be funny. Recently told me was this valuable well tested philosophy, "We don't laugh because we're happy. We're happy because we laugh." Whether I am funny or not is left to you, but humor eases and lightens the journey and is the destination...