Monday, May 24, 2010


So here I am patting myself on my back for having made a FEW good choices in the last few days... Baked chips, ONE Chocolate, Subway, Salad w/ no dressing and my dear friend, who shall remain nameless has the gall to post a pic on FB of her newly baked cheesecake.

So what to do when battling the bulge? As for tomorrow, I don't know, but for today and all the adventures that it holds I find myself in the odd place of actually having enough will-power to say no thank you... Of course if I could smell it mmmmmmmmmmm. Or if I could see it in person ooooooooooo. And if I could just taste it wahoo! So here's my theory for the next diet craze. Lollipops flavored like fajitas, strawberry cheese cake, fresh baked banana bread... and of course creamy ooey gooey chocolate... All of the flavor and few calories. So what's your flavor? Ok, so the only problem, would we ever go back to the calories, or would we just keel over?

I'm amazed at the strength God has given me to get this far. I look forward to the annual walking at the church and a renewed sense of self... will it last when my trigger is back (ie the hubby gone) I don't know but one day at a time. It won't kill me to eat a little better and enjoy health a little more.


  1. I'm always on a diet. I cheat sometimes but then I pay the price. I fight against it and whine and complain but the truth is, I always do feel better when I'm eating better and exercising more. So I guess I should be grateful for my slow metabolism.

    (wahhhhh! I want cake!) lol

  2. I've found Atkins works well. Though I do miss the pasta.

  3. my thought on the Atkins is death for the most part... Although I like an adaptation of such, veggies w/ either small amounts of protein OR carb. But moderation always saves the day, and life:D