Thursday, November 25, 2010

A penny earned

Today I'm grateful for after Thanksgiving sales.  It's a mad house; I've only been once several years ago.  BUT, since my washer went out a few days ago, I'm delighted to wait starting just after the kids are in bed tonight on the concrete stoop right outside the local appliance store.  Who knew that this would be a joy to me!  A penny saved is a penny earned.  So why not wait in a line that puts Wal-Mart to shame.  Many thanks to Jay and Mel for the perspective by Straight no chaser Christmas Can-Can.  And just a little side note Andy offered to wait, but the decided he couldn't wait that long to use the restroom.  Perhaps that's why all the shoppers are so crazy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad news or good news

I never know what to think when someone gives me the choice of bad news or good news first... so I tortured my husband, Andy, and let him mull over which he would rather to start. 
A:  Bad first
Me:  Scotty has informed me that he would like to be called Scott. 
Then I gave him the good news... friends of ours are sick.  (How is that good news???)  He didn't have to worry about nursery on Relief Society night at the church.  I know a bit twisted in my mind I know.  The boy is growing up that IS good news and friends sick is bad news.

How do you deal with the flying years?  And how do you cope with bad news?  Well for me, getting the two mixed up today helped me put things back in perspective.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you.

It never expresses the depth of feeling.  But without these little words that are so simple sorrow, contempt, and apathy would take its place.  How profound have been the moments for a little act or effort one can notice our attempt to serve and love.

We need each other.  We depend on God for support, we admire soldier, we are nourished by our parents.  Often the word left unsaid has greater hold on our regret.  Yet, feeling it is so insufficient, we leave it unsaid.  Have you ever been insulted when someone expressed their thanks?  So why do we feel guilt or shame at the simplicity of those two words?

Reach deep, remember often, express gratitude to all for everything.  Don't let another good deed go left unacknowledged.  And may we be patient, for all is seen that we do, even when someone else has done as we, and left a good word unsaid.  All over the World