Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's so funny... when it happens to someone else.

Some of the best experiences in life are viewed from our proverbial arm chair.  I find it wickedly funny when someone else falls down... head first.  Or when we witness another's emotional destruction during an embarrassing moment.  I think it's hilarious that parents laugh at their children's mistakes and call it cute.  Or when we ourselves are parents how our parents think our struggling with our children is funny.

I absolutely think we need to swim in our misery a little less and that, as long as we're not mocking, that we should climb on the shore and witness the broader perspective of laughing at one's self.  It's absurd to think we're too perfect to not trip just because we dressed up.  It's silly to think that we are too mature for saying something stupid.  I admire people most when they see the whole silly truth of the matter.  I'm grateful for insane people who say wise things.  I think chasing trash you've just drop should be recorded... every time.
 I love irony.  I enjoy sarcasm.  I relish a good giggle.    I'm tickled by witty banter.  I certain that God laughs.  I'm grateful for reminders, particularly from Jim, who is far beyond his 2 years some days, who sits in the back seat and heartily laughs because I'm looking for no cars.  Why do we get to bent out of shape?  This world was made for more fun than we let it be.  Play more.  Do more things with no reason behind it.  But most of all, enjoy yourself.  We only go once 'round this crazy ol' world.  Here's hoping you get the most out of every last drop.  And by all means, here's a few bucks from my expense account; feel completely free to enjoy yourself!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Mother heart

I understand and offer compassion for the difficulty of those that work outside the home and can't be with their kids.  (I was one.)  I feel for mom's when they can't be with those that attend school (I am one.)  I choose to tend my children as much as possible.  I do not get paid to work outside the home.  I do not have any advanced degree.  So when someone looks to label me, I use the best words I have (that inevitably fail to express what they may seek to know about me.)  I grasp for what is best and most brief and say, "I am a Full time Mom, or a stay at home mom"; both of which fall ridiculously short of span of what I do in a day, or what I'm worth.  In our natural inclination to see ourselves reflected in the words of others, those that work outside the home PT or FT feel like they have been belittled, or if they have no children that they are not yet of worth.

I decided to serve my grandmother at home rather than seek education in the few years following HS.  I served a church mission to Houston (Spanish speaking, a great blessing) and put off seeking a husband.  I have no further formal education because I chose to put my husband through school.  I went to work outside the home to provide for a time (which was a job more easily acquired because of being bilingual.  So dad was FT and a Grad student).  I live in a 3/1/1 because we have to pay $300/ mo for gas (and rising).  My choices are my own; they suit me.  Others have other needs; by all means please meet them. 

Our choices and priorities are our own and do not suit everyone in every circumstance.  We must, therefore, be tolerant, even supportive of others.  How heartbreaking when one finds success or empowerment by insulting or belittling another's choices.  Let us not be hasty to judge in order to justify self.  I'm okay with you and your choices.  I rejoice in your successes.  It is vain to say, "I wish I were at home, or I wish I had a 2 toilet home, or I wish I had children."  There is joy in each life, as well as sacrifice and sorrow and disappointment.  Our worth is inherent.  No title, no position, no education will make us more or less than we are; it is dependent upon nothing.  But greater happiness can be found in rejoicing and being grateful; it allows me to feel that worth more.  Let us be happy in the choices we have made, or change what we can to find it.

There is nothing better than each of your mother hearts; to defend home, family and love.  By all means protect them and this most noble calling by acting accordingly.  Our job as Mothers is to nurture, whether we have children or not.  To build, to encourage, to love, to stretch, to expand, to enlighten.  Let us be above labels and be above reproach because we did our best with the time and means allotted.  You are the heart of your family.  May you be ever sustained and acknowledged and see success in your charge.  May we change the world for the better by nobly engaging in a sacred duty to nurture the rising generation.  And when we fall short, may angels attend them to bear them up under their heavy burden to resist the degrading, pustule world that would rather take our energy, our souls, our happiness to satisfy the unimaginable voracious vanity and pride that is in her found.  May we rely upon his promises to protect this divine role and uplift and strengthen the family unit, for we are ALL of the same family.  We are ALL His.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foot in Mouth Disease

We all do it; and half the time we're absurdly unaware that we're walking around with a shoe hanging out of our mouths like a dog's tongue on car ride.  I laugh when well renowned authors always have their characters' words so perfectly chosen and placed, as if it were at all true to life.

My mother once chided me (with reason, lest she be judged too harshly), "Sometimes Liz, I don't know how you have any friends."  (This too may have been a peppermint shoe moment on her part; ironically she doesn't recall the conversation.)  I revere her, though, for the courage to correct me and that she loved me enough to help me grown and improve. 

We each say things that, once said, we wish the next moment we could choke back.  More often than not my days are filled with things like, "You did a better job..." better than what? or "You're funny, but I read your blog because your friends are REALLY funny."  It is a wonder, and truly miraculously that I have friends when rather than console a friend who apologized for being unable to attend a meeting, I crack a joke about him not being able to schedule these kind of things.  eeeewwwww, tacky!

My heart burns and I'd love to purge that moment, and those words from existence.    We see the wisdom of sages and God when in a vision reaches the throne of God and realizes his most monumental of sins, a man of God, in Isaiah 6: 5-7,  "Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.  Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:  And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged."

Mercy exists, I can be clean.  And despite myself, I am blessed with many forgiving friends and family.  I am in awe at my eldest son, who because he is slow to place his words, is blessed with more kindness and love than most.  May your days be filled with kind words, or peppermint shoes.