Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's so funny... when it happens to someone else.

Some of the best experiences in life are viewed from our proverbial arm chair.  I find it wickedly funny when someone else falls down... head first.  Or when we witness another's emotional destruction during an embarrassing moment.  I think it's hilarious that parents laugh at their children's mistakes and call it cute.  Or when we ourselves are parents how our parents think our struggling with our children is funny.

I absolutely think we need to swim in our misery a little less and that, as long as we're not mocking, that we should climb on the shore and witness the broader perspective of laughing at one's self.  It's absurd to think we're too perfect to not trip just because we dressed up.  It's silly to think that we are too mature for saying something stupid.  I admire people most when they see the whole silly truth of the matter.  I'm grateful for insane people who say wise things.  I think chasing trash you've just drop should be recorded... every time.
 I love irony.  I enjoy sarcasm.  I relish a good giggle.    I'm tickled by witty banter.  I certain that God laughs.  I'm grateful for reminders, particularly from Jim, who is far beyond his 2 years some days, who sits in the back seat and heartily laughs because I'm looking for no cars.  Why do we get to bent out of shape?  This world was made for more fun than we let it be.  Play more.  Do more things with no reason behind it.  But most of all, enjoy yourself.  We only go once 'round this crazy ol' world.  Here's hoping you get the most out of every last drop.  And by all means, here's a few bucks from my expense account; feel completely free to enjoy yourself!


  1. Good reminder. I used to get together with a group of ladies. We'd share our worst days of the month. Just knowing that would make the bad days so much more bareable. I knew that later I'd have something to share and that I would LATER find it all funny, vastly helped my perspective.

  2. That sounds like fun... I may have to make a side column with some of your favorite funny anecdotes. I LOVE IT!

  3. Haha, I love this post! :) I definitely believe in the power of laughter. Thanks for the post, my dear!