Friday, July 16, 2010

Kid's theories

I love the things kids come up with. 

 Some of my faves are my husband's theories on death when he was a child.
  1. There were only 2 ways you could die, as he was often warned of the first, getting hit by a car or, as in the old movies, getting shot.  As a result, and grandpa was old, he went around telling his friends his grandpa was shot.
  2. Then he started learning about heaven.  How do you get there...?  A GIANT Ferris wheel, that's it!
  3. But wait, if you get on while you're alive you have to die when you arrive at the top... a giant shoots you at the top, of course.  (Apparently he forgot getting run over.)
What are your favorite kid theories?

1 comment:

  1. As Naomi carefully decided back when she was two. At the end of the night the moon popped like a balloon. Which is why you don't see it during the day. Then the next night there is a new balloon. - D Pietz