Friday, July 16, 2010

An island trip

About a year ago my, then, 5 year old was invited to see the inside of the plane a friend of ours flies.  My son, Scotty, asked if he could fly to an island.  The pilot, thinking theoretically, replied yes.  So my son was ready to go.  Disappointed he resigned himself to a mainland visit of a non-moving plane.

We've made many attempts to help meets this innocent dream.  After asking a few weeks later when he would be going I decided to be a good mother and make cardboard boxes into planes for he and his friends, run down the sidewalk and take flight into our imagination.  A great deal of fun and effort later, it was insufficient to quench his desire.  After a year he's decided that he'll go on his church mission to Japan (since that's where Daddy went and it's an island.)

But he's still making alternate plans as this isn't a given and he'll be assigned the destination for his mission.  He's taken a fondness to dinosaurs and is determined to be a paleontologist.  He told Daddy the other day, "When I grow up to be a paleontologist I'll tell all the other paleontologists that we should go to Dinosaur land to find bones, it will probably be on an island so we'll have Pilot Jimmy take us."  (His brother now 21 months has taken a fondness to aircraft of any sort and are called 'flys'.)

I love the dreams of a child.  There are no limits or lack of confidence, no dream too and is taking measures to find happiness in every hope.  Let your dreams soar little one.

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