Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Word verification

I love reading funny blogs, sure I read for information or to get updates on close family and friends, but besides God and family, humor is my first love.  There's nothing like leaving a silly comment and then getting down to word verification.  ScHLad! FiMerFaStErnickeN  Really?  I don't think those are words.  Shouldn't that be letter verification or character verification?  Then the machine is baffled when you got it wrong and have to try again.  Seriously, you thought I could spell vLflamBXUzC correctly?  I mean, I have enough trouble with the English language.  It reminds me of trying to understand infants when they try to communicate.  And of course, I meld the two in my mind.  100 babies in 100 rooms for 100 years trying to write the complete works of William Shakespeare.  Everything else is used as word verification.  Oh, and if you need, Professor Xavier will help.

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