Monday, January 30, 2012

Battle of the Bowl

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude of indoor plumbing.  I grew up with stories of my dad's childhood in the sticks of upstate New York and his visits to the outhouse.  My mission was a third-world experience.  So as an adult (why did I look forward to this?) I thought I'm doing well.  We had a house that we owned as students in college!  It was pepto-pink, and we knew the CARPET in the bathroom would have to go, but...  The first Sunday brought an emergency that the plunger couldn't solve.  So we were grateful that the in-laws lived 1 mile away while we remodeled (thanks to a friend, the job got done).  We learned that 1.  We are NOT handy people.  2.  I really, REALLY don't like pink.  and 3.  We wanted an extra bathroom for when things go south.

We determined what we wanted for our little family 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage.  However, with few choices, and less money.  We reaccessed that a 3-1-1 would suffice, if it were in prime condition.  With our little one well on his way, we made our choice.  It's been a great home.  A phenomenal tree (which is hard to come by in the TX panhandle.)  So far, our choices had been perfect for our family. 

UNTIL... we added a fourth bathroom user.  We've sent users on sabbatical behind the shower curtain while those of smaller bladder and a decreased capacity for thinking ahead take up residence from those more experienced users.  So to honor the sacrifice, I squat and proudly proclaim my intention to...

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