Monday, November 14, 2011

Parental Priorities

I've been laughing to myself recently about my role and the changes it makes in my life.  It puts things in perspective and brings joy to the sacrifices of motherhood.  Here are my top ten.  Please comment and share your new priorities.

You know you're a mother if... 
  1. Your idea of a dream vacation consists of 5 minutes in the bathroom by yourself.
  2. Your idea of a dream vehicle is anything with a working DVD player and enough seats for an army.
  3. Your idea of a night on the town gets you back roughly at 9:30pm and sleeping in is up after 7am.
  4. Your idea of gourmet is anything with the main ingredient of chocolate.
  5. Your idea  of justice is making the elder sibling share so there will be peace among the ranks.
  6. Your idea of clean is anything within 5 ft of where it belongs or I can't see it with my glasses off.
  7. Your idea of entertainment is prefaced by the words, "Disney's..." or "Pixar's..."
  8. Your idea of exercise is wrestling a small crew of rebels into the aforementioned land yacht.
  9. Your idea of dressing up includes shaving your legs and putting on chapstick.
  10. Your idea of prince charming only requires brushing his teeth.

1 comment:

  1. Love the top ten! It is so true! Especially love the bathroom by yourself one. I knew I was a mom when I got super excited because my oldest finally went potty in the toilet when I first potty trained him. You should have heard the cheers! I have since potty trained four and have one to go! YIPPEE!!!!

    BTW- I miss you too!