Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Egging

Eggs were my least favorite food as a child (apparently I just don't like them unless the yolk and white are integrated.)  We recently had to wash our car mid-winter because someone egged it... and it froze.  But nothing could keep their happiness from me.  Their simple hope and joy from watching chicks hatch in the Hamilton Elementary School.  Or scrumptious Cheesy eggs on raisin toast or Mom-lets.
My favorite memory with my family at Easter time was dying and decorating eggs together.  Some were in far better condition when we were children; at least that's how I remember it.  My brothers, mother, and I did our best and spent hours on them.  I was graciously given them by my eldest brother, Jay.  I try to make a new one every year... but most don't get finished.  Here are a few egg-xamples of what others have done.

Here are a few ideas if you're interested at trying your hand at it:  Bunny Eggs10 ideas & helpful hints, Leaf imprints, Egg planters, A collection of ideas, Bean mosaic eggs


  1. Funny you should blog about eggs because I was just talking about how much I LOVE them. I think they might be my number 1 favorite food. I've had them for dinner the last couple nights. :)

  2. Then I guess it was just egg-xactly what you needed. (Corny I know:D)

  3. Hahahaha! I love it! And I love you for saying it! You are too cute.