Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sugar sacrifice

So my husband was picking which of the wonderful Christmas cookies he wanted to eat.  Having decided to upon a ginger cookie that had been dipped in Chocolate.  I reminded him he should save the best ones for the boys and sacrifice for his children.  He said, "I am, that's too much sugar for a child.  I'll sacrifice myself on the sugar altar."  As if that weren't funny he acted out what it may have been like to be asked to sacrifice self.  And like a Kindergartner his hasty reply came, "Ooo ooo ooo me, pick ME!"


  1. haha! He really is a very unselish man. ;) I love it.

  2. LOL...I'm loving your blog. I went back and read the post below this, but I can see I need to catch up some more so I'll be back! I do need humor in my life!