Monday, December 13, 2010

Noisy toys

Do you ever have those days where everything goes wrong?  You seem to disappoint all whose opinion of you matters.  Well I was having one of those yesterday.  From forgetting what day it was and that the alarm was meant for me.  To translating from Spanish to English for someone that had these abnormally long sentences.  To putting the brisket in the crock pot, but never turning it on. 

All that came to an abrupt end when my husband, Andy, decided he would help tidy the Living Room just after the children had retired to bed... an hour late.  It began with the Motorcycle and the near Metallic music it plays prior to squealing as if peeling out from the starting line.  I surprised myself by laughing instead of chalking it up as one more thing to spoil the day.  As if that weren't enough, he continued his unintentional antics with every toy he picked up, the steering wheel, the telephone, the alphabet book.  Besides realizing we have far too many noisy toys (a curse we acquired beacuse my husband used to love buying noisy toys for his nieces and nephews.)  I also recalled that one of the reasons I love my husband, isn't because he's smooth, graceful, or coordinated.  Instead it's because he's awkward, clumsy, and immediately puts things back into perspective by making me laugh.

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  1. I like that story. SO sweet! I'm glad you ended the day by laughing.