Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Albatross

Guillaume Paumier
Cat ownership is often depicted like this sculpture, mutual affection, tenderness, and great care.  However, in my case it feels a bit more like this:
As previously mentioned in a prior post, I acquired a cat and, as a result, her 4 kittens.  After 8 weeks I reached my limit of boxes, weaning, litter-box training, weighing, administering meds, scaling barricades, aluminum foil.  I wanted my house back.  Happily, they found homes with current cat owners that knew the responsibility and had the means to care for them.  Then came mama cat's moodiness, crying for kittens, spaying, more vet bills, escaping...  She used to be gentle, affectionate, patient.  Now she's an ornery teenager.  I'll be taking her to the vet to ensure there is no physiological reason, but now she has peed on my bed.  The number one reason for abandoned cats...?  Urination.  Here's hoping caturineodor.com can help.

I feel such a sense of responsibility, after all I'd never abandon my family members.  And she chose us.  Even Christ remembered the sparrow, and if I'm to ever strive to be like Him I must remember His creatures.  But I have no love for this cat; there is nothing symbiotic about this relationship.  And this lone caregiver has been outvoted by the remainder of the residents of this home.  

So cheers, here's to another 16 years of Belle!

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  1. So sorry, Liz! Cats are usually pretty low maintenance, but sounds like you got a high maintenance one. :(