Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Professional Mother

What do you do well?  What defines you?  What are your talents or skills?  With what characteristics God has blessed you?

When I try to answer this I always seem to fall short, to compare my weaknesses to others' strengths and come up lacking.  It is usual an attempt to lift my spirits and find my worth and ends in a bash session.  So I asked my objective, honest 6 year old what I do well.  I take pictures.  That's it.  But later he commented as I cut his french toast in nice little squares, "You're a professional."  It still cracks me up.  Children see the best in us and see no talent greater than another.  Whether I was an executive of a major corporation or just good at taking out the trash I have value and make a valid contribution to society.

Having recently examined myself as a mother and wife, I again found myself lacking until coming upon the word belong.  They need me, I am wanted.  They suit me and I them.  I am an intricate part of, an imperfect individual in, a well-loved member of my family, my church, my community, my group of friends, and in the eyes of God.  I have risen to the much coveted status of PROFESSIONAL.  It may be my job, but more importantly it's who I am and where I belong.


  1. I'm afraid I was hired for volleyball skills-which are obviously not directly job related ;)

  2. Well Scotty still thinks you rock, after all that's far superior to french toast cutter anyday! And even if he didn't, I DO!

  3. I really like this post - very sweet. Family makes us feel so accepted. :)