Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Each of us has something that freaks us out... spiders, caterpillars, snakes, lizards, bugs...

I've seen my fair share of pestilence.  Lice in Kindergarten.  Cockroaches that can live under a Houston phone book for 3 days (mental note, step and twist.)  Box elder bugs (aka Love bugs) in the back yard so many you could hear them.  Raining lady bugs when the window was opened.  Flying mutated crickets landing on my face in the middle of the night. (Most of these were in Stephenville, TX, maybe that's part of why I was so glad to leave that barren wilderness, but I miss my in-laws.)  Locusts, grasshoppers, fireants, you name it.  Nothing, though, prepared me for the first over-reaction of my own child.  I couldn't get over my 20 mo old boy being upset by a fake lizard.  He walks around it.  Backs up when we bring it to him... he had me in stitches.

Then Elizabeth Downie posted Selma flipping out about a snake.  It's funny because this post has been in the works for 2 weeks.  Great minds think alike! Selma and the snake

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  1. Ack! I'm behind on your blog! I'm glad you liked that snake video. And I have vivid memories of cockroaches living under phone books after I jumped up and down on them. EEEEWWWW!!!!!