Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carrying a heavy burden

I find it hilarious how groceries can lead to such drama.  It's not enough that children pull everything off the shelf, try to color on the credit card scanner, or scream bloody murder when you put them back in their car seats (Which has the added benefit of piercing eye from all who can't wait to call CPS).  Then there's the self inflicted torture of being certain that it's better to carry EVERYTHING that barely fit in the basket on two arms that are trying to multitask trying to corral the children into the house, while, I might add, they stand in front of you while you try to reach around them, without bashing them in the head, to unlock the door, then immediately the park their cabooses just beyond the threshold begging to be released from their perceived straitjackets and you attempt to not knock them over during your rapid flight to the kitchen table.  There's even a dedicated Facebook page.  I-will-carry-20-grocery-bags-so-I-dont-have-to-make-a-second-trip

Who the heck ever thought plastic bags were a good idea.  Better yet, why don't I follow my husband's council to make trips?  Well once their in the house and I leave without the toddler, the screaming commences and if I leave repeatedly to avoid the problems of attempting to be a superhero grocery bag carrier, then I need to watch for the hug that will be thrust upon me and the repeated outbreaks upon my immediate departure.

So, as usual, with children there are no solutions, but it doesn't keep it from being a laugh a minute as I put my own mortality and imperfection back into proper perspective.  I'm certain the dramatic trip to the grocery will continue to be necessary, and I'm sure that by the time he graduates high school he'll actually be helping rather than 'helping'. 

But since we all aspire to superhero status, I'll put the question to you.  What's your record and how many can you carry?


  1. Apparently I didn't proof read. That drives me crazy, I can just imagine how you might feel.

  2. I use a wooden dowel (1 1/2" x 6') It can carry 20 bags at once.

    ~D Pietz